You can live a unique experience paragliding with experienced instructors.
Starting from the foothills of Mount Vorras (Kaimaktsalan) you can enjoy a unique view of Lake Vegoritida, the magnificent Edessa, seeing even as far as Thessaloniki.
At the same time stay informed about the seminars held by certified instructors of APPI (Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors), Olympic Wings and Fly with Andy
For more information and reservations, call the following phone number.
Vangelis: 6978.82 94 18

Ski Rentals

If you are a fan of winter skiing and don’t have the equipment, you can now rent from us the right equipment for you and your group.
All our equipment is constantly renewed to give you the best experience.
You can book your best service with prices from €10.

Information – reservations
Vangelis: 6978.82 94 18